About Us

Who We Are

European Gutters are the New Zealand and Australian Distributors of Lindab Rainwater Systems. We have a nationwide network of Installers in New Zealand and we are in the process of setting up a similar network in Australia.

We can provide the New Zealand and Australian markets with the high-quality Lindab Gutter product range because of its specification by New Zealand’s largest roof maintenance company, who have over 55 years’ experience in the repair and maintenance of gutters in a wide range of extreme environments.

Quite simply, Lindab Gutters has been specified by a highly experienced nationwide maintenance company, and its key customers, because of its superior form and function.

Lindab Gutters have been made in Sweden since 1956 and offer homeowners and property managers with the highest quality solutions when it comes to durability, flexibility, range of components, ease of installation and aesthetics. Lindab Gutters have been developed for professionals by professionals, and its hardwearing steel properties ensure decades of performance which together with its European styled finish makes it the perfect combination for your property and the extreme weather conditions that we face in New Zealand and Australia.

European Gutters choose to only supply the 150 and 190mm half round guttering systems, as New Zealand and Australian weather conditions are extremely challenging and demand the most from our rainwater systems.

European Design and Practicality

Lindab’s half round gutters only use external brackets and they do not use any rivets This means that there is no obstruction to the natural flow, and speedy drainage, of rainwater away from the property. However, in the event of any blockages, Lindab’s unique design allows for the water to flow over the front of the gutter, and away from the property.

Simplified Installation and Superior Quality

Thanks to its smart design Lindab Gutters has become the preferred roof drainage system for many quality construction and roofing professionals throughout the world. Its unique clip lock system, rubber seals and one-piece corners eliminate the need for sealants and make for a leak free installation that will continue to perform over time.

As Strong and Durable as Steel

Steel is strong, versatile and durable and it is the ultimate material for roof drainage systems. However not all steel products are created equal. Steel gutter manufacturers in New Zealand produce product from a base metal thickness (BMT) that ranges from .37 to .55. By contrast, Lindab which buys more than 200,000 tonnes of steel every year, manufactures all its Gutters from zinc coated steel with a BMT of .60. This provides added strength and durability, which is further reinforced by a high build scratch resistant polyester paint.