European Quality Roof Gutters & Downpipes

European Gutters stands as New Zealand's sole accredited installer of Lindab products. With a legacy spanning over six decades, Lindab's gutters and downpipes set a distinct standard in residential water systems. Contact us now to explore superior roofing gutter options.

European Gutters
Superior Form and Function

Founded by Edwards and Hardy, New Zealand's premier national roof maintenance company, European Gutters emerged as a solution to the challenging rainwater system issues caused by the country's unique and unpredictable weather. In their quest to address these problems, European Gutters identified Lindab as a potential ally.

Lindab, a renowned Swedish company, is globally recognized as the leading supplier of gutters and downpipes, excelling in sustainability, performance, adaptability, and installation ease. European Gutters brings to homeowners and property managers the highest calibre of gutter and downpipe solutions designed to endure over time.

The Lindab Rainline™ system boasts a high-capacity, 150mm half-round, 0.6mm steel polyester-coated gutter. This system offers 75% more capacity than standard New Zealand gutters, providing exceptional ability to handle extreme weather events. The Lindab Rainline™ half-round gutter is designed for easy maintenance, and in the event of a blockage, its structure ensures water overflows from the front, safeguarding homes from water damage.

Lindab Rainline™ offers a 190mm half-round option, catering to larger residential or commercial requirements.

A detailed view of a roof with a Lindab gutter, designed to collect and redirect rainwater efficiently.

Why Choose Us?

Who We Are

As New Zealand's exclusive authorized installer of Lindab roof gutters and downpipes, European Gutters boasts a widespread network of installers nationwide. We're expanding our expertise to Australia, establishing a similar network there.

The Eco-Friendly Option

Lindab's steel products stand out for their minimal environmental impact. With the lowest carbon footprint among roof gutters, these products are made with up to 30% recycled materials. Our offerings are robust against harsh weather conditions and demonstrate our commitment to environmental sustainability.

Expert Advice

Our seasoned professional team is dedicated to guiding you in selecting the ideal gutter and downpipe solutions for your roof. Recognizing the uniqueness of each roof, home, and location, we provide personalized recommendations to meet the specific needs of your home.

Long Lasting Gutter Solutions

The durability of Lindab's steel gutters is enhanced by a high-quality polyester paint coating, promising longevity, and consistent performance for years. Our confidence in our products is reflected in our 20-year warranty offerings.

Modular Gutters & Down Pipes

Solutions that enhance the overall result.

Metal bracket for wall hook, designed for gutter installation. Sturdy and durable support for hanging items.


A solid 5mm polyester-coated bracket provides strength, durability, and ease of installation.
A man in a blue jacket holds a metal tray showcasing self-sealing stop ends with high-quality EPDM tubing, easily mounted and reversible with a firm knock.

Stop Ends

Our stop ends are self-sealing thanks to high-quality EPDM tubing. Fully reversible, these stop ends are easily mounted and take only a firm knock to be put in place.
A person holds a metal pole with a downpipe holder. Our sheet steel pipe holder ensures easy installation, no lost accessories or askew mounting.

Pipe Holder

Our pipe holders are made from a single piece of sheet steel, making for easy installation, with no accessories to be lost or mounted askew.
A man securely holds a piece of metal using a metal tube, ensuring a leakproof and durable connection with our gutter joint's EPDM sealing.

Gutter Joint

Our gutter joints make for firm fit and durable connections, guaranteed to be leakproof, with long-lasting EPDM sealing.
A man in blue overalls holds a large pipe. The image depicts a worker handling a pipe, for the gutter outlet system.

Gutter Outlet

Our gutter outlets utilize a one-grip, snap-on mounting system that ensures a perfect fit with minimal effort.

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Our Lindab gutter and downpipe products are carefully crafted to blend seamlessly into your home exterior with a timeless design. Discover some breathtaking examples of European Gutters' work across New Zealand.

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