Avoid Frozen Gutters with our Winter Maintenance Guide

03 August 2022   Winter, Gutters

Icicles hanging from snowed-in homes might make for great holiday cards, but these pretty winter signs indicate frozen and damaged gutters. Frozen gutters can lead to many issues come wintertime. Proper gutter maintenance can help to prevent ice build-up and reduce the risk of damage. Ensure your gutters are prepared this winter with these handy tips.

Icicles hanging from frozen gutters

What Causes Ice Build-Up in Gutters?

The best way to fight off the shivers is always to get the blood pumping, and this is no different for our gutters. Slow-running water or blockages in your rainwater harvesting systems are the biggest culprits behind icy gutters. While running water requires extremely low temperatures to freeze, standing water caused by a blockage needs much less convincing.

Frozen Gutters can Lead to Tremendous Damage

When water freezes, it expands and can create cracks and push open the seams of sectional gutters. Faulty drainage can lead to pooling and flooding over the side of the gutters directly onto your home, resulting in leaks developing.

Additionally, ice and snow are a touch heavier than water and what your gutters may be able to handle. This heaviness can cause them to sag and gutter brackets to give in, causing the whole system to collapse.

Tips for Preventing Ice in Your Gutters this Winte

Keep Your Gutters Clean

If you have trees around your home, the chances are some leaves and sticks will end up in your gutters. When left unchecked, this pesky debris can develop into the 'Hoover Dam' of gutter blockages and cause water to pool and freeze. To avoid clogging, clean your gutters at least twice a year and always before winter arrives.

Make Sure Your Gutters are Sloped

Gutters should be slightly sloped to ensure water flows correctly. Gutters that are too flat will cause water to collect in the system, leading to freezing come wintertime. So, it's a good idea to inspect the slope of your gutters before the cold weather sets in.

Are Your Gutters Prepared for Winter?

Avoid the winter blues that come with frozen gutters this season by being prepared. Icy gutters can cause irreparable damage to your guttering system but can be easily avoided with a little preparation and elbow grease. For hardy gutters built to withstand the rigours of an NZ winter, check out the fantastic range of gutters and downpipes European Gutters has on offer. Our systems are durable, flexible, affordable, and sustainable. Get prepared this winter with the help of European Gutters.

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